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// Copyright 2011 Chris Jang ( under The Artistic License 2.0
#include <vector>
#include "chai/RefCnt.hpp"
#include "VisitAst.hpp"
namespace chai_internal {
// base of JIT AST streams
class BaseAst : public RefObj
const size_t _W;
const size_t _H;
const bool _isDP;
// This may be horrible for performance.
// Nuts own nested sub-trees of AST streams.
// Additional ownership in the objects prevents segmentation faults.
RefSet _refs;
// referenced syntax tree arguments
std::vector< BaseAst* > _argAst;
BaseAst(const size_t W,
const size_t H,
const bool isDP);
void pushArg(BaseAst*);
virtual ~BaseAst(void);
size_t W(void) const;
size_t H(void) const;
bool isFloat(void) const;
bool isDouble(void) const;
size_t precision(void) const;
size_t numArg(void) const;
BaseAst* getArg(const size_t) const;
void replaceArg(const size_t idx, BaseAst*);
virtual void accept(VisitAst&) = 0;
}; // namespace chai_internal
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