@cjbassi cjbassi released this Jan 19, 2019 · 39 commits to master since this release


f4a5720 Bump version
f68eba9 Update readme
c2b06be Update readme
b28efdb Update readme
fdd41a9 Go 1.11+ no longer required to install from source because of vendor
fce8f0b Add go vendor
950c769 Fix go module issue with github.com/DHowett/go-plist
c34782d Upgrade gizak/termui@v3-wip
c1d7aad Fix custom colorscheme not loading (Close #93)
13b6294 Update github issue template
832fab9 Fix certain logs
1661917 Change log directory
e74e484 Refactor
49f89cf Fix event handling when help menu is visible (Close #90)
488fe86 Fix termui branch name
d8434b8 Update readme and cli arg help menu
37e1d9d Merge pull request #89 from serussell/master
a51cb8f Update readme
24ca528 Update README with option flag change for battery & adds status bar flag.
2a6a479 Merge https://github.com/cjbassi/gotop Disable all battery code if battery not selected in options. Refactors widgetCount to localize use.
2934d6f Fix sparkline title overflowing
5d17121 Add statusbar (Close #72)
ff62b55 Fix race condition panic
43d8b32 Merge branch 'termui-port'
2e48524 Port to termui 2.0
b73fe56 Add widget files from cjbassi/termui
5ee4b4a Adds battery support
7b77956 Fix docopt import path
b6e6e34 Code cleanup
50f1f6c Update readme
6cfd53f Update readme and bug report template with new config paths
4540985 Fix config path location on Windows and OSX
6188e24 Fix unnecessary goroutine
2e6615b Merge pull request #87 from 0mp/patch-1
db60645 Add FreeBSD installation instructions

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