Toolkit to analyze genomic variation data, built on the GATK with Clojure
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A Clojure interface to the Genome Analysis Toolkit (GATK) to analyze variant data in VCF files. It supports scoring for the Archon Genomic X PRIZE competition but is also a general framework for variant file comparison.

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Requires Java 1.6 or better and Leiningen. We use the 2.x version of Leiningen, so be sure to get the preview release:

$ wget
$ chmod 755 lein && sudo mv lein /usr/local/bin

Then use Leiningen to install all dependencies:

$ lein deps

Generate summary of concordance between variant calls

A YAML configuration file specifies the variant files for comparison. The project contains example configuration and associated variant files that demonstrate the features of the library.

An example of scoring a phased diploid genome against a haploid reference genome:

$ lein variant-compare config/reference-grading.yaml

An example of assessing variant calls produced by different calling algorithms:

$ lein variant-compare config/method-comparison.yaml

Normalize a variant file

A tricky part of variant comparisons is that VCF format is flexible enough to allow multiple representations. As a result two files may contain the same variants, but one might have it present in a multi-nucleotide polymorphism while another represents it as an individual variant.

To produce a stable, decomposed variant file for comparison run:

$ lein variant-prep your_variants.vcf your_reference.fasta

This will also handle re-ordering variants to match the reference file ordering, essential for feeding into tools like GATK, and remapping hg19 to GRCh37 chromosome names.

Web interface

A web interface automates the process of preparing configuration files and running a variant comparison:

$ lein variant-web config/web-processing.yaml

Run GATK walker for variant statistics

$ lein uberjar
$ java -jar target/bcbio.variation-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar -T VcfSimpleStats
  -R test/data/GRCh37.fa --variant test/data/gatk-calls.vcf --out test.png

Run custom GATK annotator

$ lein uberjar
$ java -jar target/bcbio.variation-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-standalone.jar -T VariantAnnotator
   -A MeanNeighboringBaseQuality -R test/data/GRCh37.fa -I test/data/aligned-reads.bam
   --variant test/data/gatk-calls.vcf -o annotated-file.vcf

Configuration file

A YAML configuration file defines targets for comparison processing. Two example files for reference grading and comparison of calling methods provide example starting points and details on available options are below:

  base: Base directory to allow use of relative paths (optional).
  out: Working directory to write output.
  prep: Prep directory where files will be pre-processed.
experiments: # one or more experiments
 - sample: Name of current sample.
   ref: Reference genome in FASTA format.
   intervals: Intervals to process in BED format (optional).
   align: Alignments for all calls in BAM format (optional).
   summary-level: Amount of summary information to provide,
                  [full,quick] (default:full)
   approach: Type of comparison to do [compare,grade]. Default compare.
   calls: # two or more calls to compare
     - name: Name of call type
       file: One or more input files in VCF format
       align: Alignment for specific call in BAM format (optional).
       ref: Reference genome if different than experiment ref (optional)
       intervals: Genome intervals to process in BED format (optional).
       metadata: Dictionary of annotations associated with the call set.
                 Finalizers use these to provide annotation specific
                 filtering of calls.
       filters: Provide hard filtering of variants prior to comparison with 
                specified JEXL GATK expressions.
       format-filters: Provide hard filtering of variants based on
                       attributes in the genotype FORMAT field.
       recall: Recall, using GATK, all non-called variant positions after
               merging multiple input calls. (boolean; default false)
       annotate: Annotate calls with GATK annotations (boolean; default false).
       normalize: Normalize MNPs and indels (boolean: default true).
       prep: Prep with in-order chromosomes and sample names (boolean; default false).
       prep-sort-pos: Sort by position during prep. Required if variants are
                      not coordinate sorted within chromosomes. (boolean; default false).
       prep-sv-genotype: Normalize structural variant genotypes to a single
                         ref call (boolean; default false).
       prep-allele-count: Number of alleles to convert calls to during
                          prep work (default 2)
       preclean: Remove problematic characters from input VCFs
                 (boolean; default false). 
       remove-refcalls: Remove reference, non-variant calls.
                        (boolean; default false). 
       make-haploid: Convert a set of diploid calls to haploid variants
                    (boolean; default false)

Finalizer configuration

In addition to the pairwise comparisons, the configuration allows specification of additional filtration and all-by-all comparisons based on the pairwise results. Like calls, specify these under an experiment with the finalize tag. Available methods are:

  • multiple which does a comparison of a target call method to all other calls. A comparison of GATK calls to all other methods looks like:

        - method: multiple
          target: gatk
          ignore: []

    and produces three output files:

    • true positives -- calls detected in all methods
    • false negatives -- calls not found in gatk, but detected in all other methods
    • false positives -- calls found in gatk but callable and discordant in one of the other methods

    The ignore option provides a list of methods to ignore in the all-by-all overlap comparison.

  • recal-filter to do post-comparisons filtering of calls. This can use either the results of a pairwise comparison or multiple comparison. An example demonstrating all of the filtering options re-filters a GATK versus FreeBayes comparison:

        - method: recal-filter
          target: [gatk, freebayes]
            filters: [HRun > 5.0]
            annotations:  [QD, HaplotypeScore, MQRankSum, ReadPosRankSum]
            lenient: false
            classifiers: [AD, DP, QUAL]
              total: 0.75
              technology: 0.65

The options for filtering are:

  • filters -- Perform hard filtering of the file with specified expressions.
  • annotations -- Perform GATK Variant Quality Score Recalibration using the supplied annotations. The lenient option allows VQSR on samples with a lower number of total variations and is useful in VQSR fails.
  • classifiers -- Perform classification of true/false reads based on the provided attributes.
  • trusted -- Metadata annotation values that specify trusted variants not subjected to filtering. The example retains variants present in more than 75% of calls or 65% of different technologies.

You can specify the background to use for training with support. There are two options:

  • support: gatk -- Use an all-by-all comparison based on GATK to establish true and false positives.
  • support: [gatk, freebayes] -- Use the gatk/freebayes pairwise comparison for true and false positives.


This library also contains useful command line utilities to help with variant preparation and analysis:

  • Create a BAM file compatible with GATK. This converts coordinates between hg19 and GRCh37 for human samples, reorders chromosomes relative to the input file and adds run group information with a defined sample name:

    $ lein variant-reorder your_file.bam /path/to/GRCh37.fa SampleName
  • Provide a summary CSV file of call information for a VCF file, including mappings back to an original set of pairwise analyses:

    $ lein variant-utils callsummary variants.vcf original-combined-config.yaml


  • Brad Chapman
  • Chris Fields
  • Kevin Lynagh
  • Justin Zook


The code is freely available under the MIT license.