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LaTeX source files

LaTeX sources for articles on my website.

If you want to compile these from source, or otherwise use my style file:

  • Put cjquines.sty somewhere where LaTeX can see it. The same folder as the .tex file will work, but you can also put it somewhere more permanent.

  • You might need to install some LaTeX packages. The ones that you might not have installed by default are asymptote, fontawesome5, and relsize.

  • If you want to compile diagrams, you'll need Asymptote. Then cse5.asy, and olympiad.asy in the same folder as the .tex file, or somewhere more permanent.

Some notes on cjquines.sty:

  • You almost always want to use it with KOMA-script, with the scrartcl, scrbook, and scrreprt document classes.

  • By default, it will change the header, page, title, and theorem styling, define some shortcuts for writing math, and include an Asymptote header.

  • wide and thin control page size; the former has wider margins than usual and the latter has thinner margins than usual.

  • alttitle gives a left-aligned title with a line separating it from the body.

  • boxthm adds the exboxed, exrboxed, probboxed, and thmboxed environments, for putting examples, exercises, problems, and theorems in boxes.

  • parskip makes the document spaced with spaces after paragraphs rather than paragraph indents.

  • noimport removes imported packages and some of their dependencies.

  • nodefault removes the header, page, title, and theorem styling.

  • noextlink hides the external link icon for external links. This is the only place fontawesome5 and relsize are used, so you can use this option if these packages aren't available.

  • pset and oly include specific styling for my homework solutions and olympiad papers.

  • linguistics tightens the spacing of trees made by forest, and includes helpful macros:

\ex \gll
[\lb{DP} \name{The} ice] will melt \name[t]{$t$.}\\
{} \sc{det} ice will melt {}\\

    [the ice,roof,name=t]


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