A virtual reality keyboard and text editor in Aframe
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A virtual reality keyboard and text editor in Aframe... cause why not?


This is a demo of a VR keyboard and text editor built with Aframe. My inspiration was in wanting a way to type and get visual feedback in 3D. While re-creating our 2D interfaces in VR worlds is probably an anti-pattern, I prefer typing over oral dictation, so I wanted a way to visualize typing in three dimensions.

I used D3 to set up the keyboard layout and Dmitriy Kubyshkin's canvas-text-editor project for the text editor.

Going forward, there's a lot of work that needs to be done with the keyboard. It's very buggy and does not work on mobile yet - that's just a matter of me finding the time to debug it.


Use npm install or yarn install which will install all dependencies and automatically run webpack to build the project.


Use Jekyll or your preferred static file host to serve the files. Then navigate to http://localhost:4000 (or wherever you have your files hosted). If you try to load index.html directly, you will likely see an error.

To Dos

It's still super buggy because I'm not done with it yet! Here are the bugs that I'm aware of:

  • The semi-colon key does not render which appears to be a bug with either Aframe or the kframe/text module
  • The letters are not rendering on mobile browsers
  • Mobile browsers are showing undefinedundefinedundefined in the editor before the user types anything
  • I'd like to add some padding around the edges of the text editor
  • The keys don't visually press when you are pressing shift
  • Rewrite this without D3... it's not necessary and probably slows things down
  • Add SHIFT, CMD, OPTION keys, numbers, etc...
  • Allow some sort of more flexible keyboard layout so that we could support other languages and such
  • Break the keyboard and text editor into their own proper Aframe components
  • Rewrite the canvas text editor from scratch... it's not that hard and the way it's currently using a textarea isn't suited for VR
  • Get Webpack working with static CSS/GLSL/etc assets so we can include Aframe from source


MIT Licensed