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Import ("Harvest") Data from Other Sites

The ckanext-harvest extension can automatically import ("harvest") datasets from multiple CKAN websites into a single CKAN website, and also provides a framework for writing custom harvesters to import data from non-CKAN sources.

CKAN harvester

The CKAN harvester plugin makes it really easy to import datasets from a remote CKAN instance into your own CKAN instance. It is highly customizable, allowing you to define default tags, groups, users and permissions for the imported datasets. Please refer to the documentation for more details:

Other harvesters

There are other extensions offer different harvesters for other metadata sources. For instance, ckanext-inspire provides harvesters for CSW records that follow the ISO-19193 encoding.

See :ref:`csw_support` for more details.

Build your own

The harvesting extension provides an interface for building custom harvesters. The interface has three stages:

  1. The gather stage compiles all the resource identifiers that need to be fetched in the next stage.
  2. The fetch stage gets the contents of the remote objects and stores them in the database.
  3. The import stage performs any necessary actions on the fetched resource.

See the following section in the ckanext-harvest README for more details:

The CKAN harvester itself uses this interface:

Here you can also find other examples of custom harvesters:

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