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* #188 test fixes

* #188 test fixes

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ckanext-spatial - Geo related plugins for CKAN

This extension contains plugins that add geospatial capabilities to CKAN, including:

  • A spatial field on the default CKAN dataset schema, that uses PostGIS as the backend and allows to perform spatial queries and to display the dataset extent on the frontend.
  • Harvesters to import geospatial metadata into CKAN from other sources in ISO 19139 format and others.
  • Commands to support the CSW standard using pycsw.

Note: The view plugins for rendering spatial formats like GeoJSON have been moved to ckanext-geoview.

Full documentation, including installation instructions, can be found at:



For contributing to ckanext-spatial or its documentation, follow the same guidelines that apply to CKAN core, described in CONTRIBUTING.

Copying and License

This material is copyright (c) 2006-2016 Open Knowledge Foundation.

It is open and licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL) v3.0 whose full text may be found at: