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CKAN Extensions registry and website.

How it Works

  • Extension Master List - maintained in Google Spreadsheet
    • name (id), title, url plus editorial information (show, featured etc) for all extensions we know about
  • Metadata plus README for each extension is stored into `extensions/{extension-id}.md
    • Metadata attributes stored in frontmatter and README into the body
    • What extensions we store is driven by the master list (we download all extensions with show column = 1)
    • Script to do this is scripts/

Managing Updates and Building the Site

  1. Add extension information to the master list (whether we plan to show the extension or not).

  2. Then set show column value to 1 to have the extension included in the public extension registry.

  3. Generate the local page for the extension or extensions using the script:

    (Re)-generate just one extension page:

    python scripts/ {name-of-extension}

    (Re)-Generate pages for all extensions:

    python scripts/


Copyright Open Knowledge (2014-) and licensed under the MIT License.

# Thoughts

## What do we include (?)

  • Classic CKAN Extensions
  • Apps (that build on the CKAN API)
  • Tools (?) - e.g. something for managing CKAN better