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fredck committed Aug 14, 2014
1 parent 406ecef commit bab0e300aa22c0501a7ba0b059b6c05179f88fd3
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@@ -0,0 +1,18 @@
* text=auto

*.htaccess eol=lf
*.cgi eol=lf
*.sh eol=lf

*.css text
*.htm text
*.html text
*.js text
*.json text
*.php text
*.txt text
*.md text

*.png -text
*.gif -text
*.jpg -text

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commented on bab0e30 Dec 17, 2018

it-lfs only supports http/https, git will need to authenticate over http/https when pushing files, even if you are using ssh/git protocol for git. Without the credential helper, you will be asked to enter your username and password for EVERY connection, which is pretty unusable. To get around this, git credential helpers will help handling passwords for you.

Linux - Cacher will store the passwords in memory so you only have to enter the password once until the session timesout (usually 900 seconds)
Mac - osxkeychain to use the osx keychain for your password.
Windows - wincred is the default built in for windows and should be good for most uses. There is another helper you can use called the Git Credential Manager for Windows aka wincred, the successor of the old winstore helper. It has some extra authentication support for GitHub and VSTS.
Store - The final option is to store your username and password using the store helper. This should only be used when no other option is available (such as automatic private builds on trusted server)

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