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CKFinder 3 - Sample PHP Plugins
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CKFinder 3 - Sample PHP Plugins

This repository contains ready-to-use code samples created for the CKFinder PHP connector documentation.


  1. Clone this repository (or download ZIP).
  2. Move downloaded plugins to the CKFinder plugins directory, so the structure looks like below:
├── DiskQuota
│   ├── DiskQuota.php
├── GetFileInfo
│   ├── GetFileInfo.php
└── UserActionsLogger
    └── UserActionsLogger.php

To enable plugins, add their names to the plugins configuration option in the connector configuration file (by default config.php):

$config['plugins'] = [
	'DiskQuota', 'GetFileInfo', 'UserActionsLogger'


Copyright (c) 2015, CKSource - Frederico Knabben. All rights reserved. For license details see:

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