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VHDL Parser parses an VHDL entity and provides a Ruby interface to access all its information.
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VHDL Parser

VHDL Parser is an VHDL entity parser. It's not a full grammar but simply extracts port and generic information from a VHDL entity for further use inside Ruby, e.g. visualization or automation.


VHDL Parser provides four different classes:

  • VHDL_Parser::Entity
  • VHDL_Parser::Port
  • VHDL_Parser::Generic
  • VHDL_Parser::Package

See for documentation.

Basic Example

Most basically, you'll want to get an Entity from a VHDL file. Just do this:

filename = "my_file.vhd"
my_entity = VHDL_Parser.parse_file(filename)
puts my_entity

Sometimes the entity declaration will depend on constants defined in a package. Just create a Package and merge it into the Entity:

package_file = "my_package.vhd"
my_package = VHDL_Parser.parse_package_file(package_file)
puts my_entity

Once you have a complete Entity, you can access its Generics or Ports:

my_ports = my_entity.ports
my_generics = my_entity.generics

See the RubyDoc docs for attributes on those classes.


The best way to get a hold of me for improvements/bugs/ideas is the Github repo at

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