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A general MQTT testing app for iOS (iPhone and iPad)


  • Supports all MQTT features 3.1, 3.1.1, cleansession, TLS, Websockets, etc.
  • Pre-configured Subscriptions, Publications, and Filters (stored for later use)
  • Ad-hoc and pre-configured PUBs
  • PUB payload can contain %t and %c, replaced by timestamp and clientID respectively
  • Support for viewing UTF-8 printable, binary and JSON payloads
  • Panel scrolling incoming sub's, latest on top, color-coded topics according to SUBs
  • Panel toggable to 'Topic'-mode. In this, incoming msgs do NOT scroll. Instead, last msg overwrites prev on a per/topic basis. Think: temp/outdoors and webserv/status where I see last value without panel scrolling moving: just values on topics change.
  • Panel showing low-level communication with broker
  • Panels can be frozen (halts all display activity) for, say, taking screenshots
  • Screen does not time-out

New features in 2.1.0

  • [NEW] Add additional MQTT brokers closes #79
  • [FIX] Command display closes #78
  • [FIX] JSON display precision #75
  • [FIX] incorrect screen redraw #72, closes #74
  • [FIX] Session setup screen layout
  • [FIX] Message detail display modes

New features in 2.0.3

  • [NEW] use Testflight crash reporting, drop Fabric/Crashlytics

  • [NEW] Disable idle timeout while active / "monitor" mode

  • [NEW] MQTT over WebSocket support

  • [NEW] Self-signed Certs support

  • [NEW] UI feedback when dragging view divider

  • [NEW] UI feedback in ad hoc publish and filter edit

  • [NEW] flip layout from horizontal to vertical divides by long pressing on message view

  • [NEW] use UISplitviewcontroller for all devices, adds split view to iPhone 6+

  • [FIX] distorted split screen on iPad when changing orientation closes #72

  • [FIX] crashes when dragging view divider far to the left on iPads closes #66, closes #65, closes #64

  • [FIX] timeout on connect, closes #68

  • [FIX] ignore non-UTF8 topics, avoiding crash

  • [FIX] correctly closing input stream after error, avoiding crash

New features in 1.71

  • [FIX] crash on disconnect closes #63

New features in 1.7

  • [NEW] show version number in lauch screen
  • [NEW] Crashlytics included
  • [NEW] Cocoalumberjack Pod included
  • [NEW] SB4Json as Pod
  • [FIX] crash when trying to display connect error
  • [FIX] crash when receiving binary payload closes #62
  • [NEW] return key in text fields closes keyboard

New features in 1.3

  • Drag to adjust screen sizes
  • Export (share) edit, and import your complete session settings via email / json
  • Filter incoming messages using regular expressions on topics, data and attributes


Future enhancements

  • View traps
  • Automatically repeating PUBs (and other scripting)
  • Formatted message display
  • Edit subscriptions, publishes and filters directly from session screen









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