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For notes, letters, and forms
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This repository contains the following templates.

  1. note.tex for writing articles, notes, and papers — requires ckunte.sty.
  2. letter.tex for writing old-fashioned letters, cover pages, etc.

Fillable forms

  1. proform.tex for professional membership (fillable) claim form — requires proform.sty.
  2. remit.tex for remittance — requires remit.sty

Style files can either be co-located with .tex files, or installed system-wide. For system-wide installation please see installing custom style.

See also snippets for reference.

Packages required

Using TeX Live Utility, install the following packages:

  1. datetime for date and time options
  2. ebgaramond and ebgaramond-mathscustom fonts
  3. enumitem for formatting enumitems
  4. pdfpages for embedding pdf pages/documents
  5. pgfplots for PGF plots
  6. placeins for section positioning
  7. pythonhighlight for embedding python code
  8. sectsty for styling sections
  9. titling for titling options

To install them all in on go, run the following command in terminal:

sudo tlmgr install datetime ebgaramond ebgaramond-maths enumitem pdfpages pgfplots placeins pythonhighlight sectsty titling

Installing custom style

  1. Run these following in terminal:

    git clone ~/templates
    mkdir -p ~/texmf && cp ~/templates/texmf/* ~/texmf/.
    sudo texhash ~/texmf
  2. Add the following to ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc, and then reload the file by running . ~/.bashrc, for example, in terminal:

    if [ -d ~/texmf ] ; then
        export TEXMFHOME=::~/texmf
        export TEXINPUTS=::~/texmf
  3. Test to check if texmf folder is mapped correctly to TEXMFHOME by running kpsewhich -var-value TEXMFHOME. This would be /Users/<username>/texmf in macOS; /home/<username>/texmf in Linux, Cygwin, etc.

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