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quickly disable the windows key without rebooting
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winkill lets you temporarily disable the windows key on your keyboard without rebooting your computer. click the winkill icon in the system tray to use it as a system-wide windows key disabler. this is useful if you're always hitting the windows key when playing games, causing them to minimize. (yes, i know not everyone does this, but some of us do)


  1. install Visual Studio 2015 for C++ (the Community Edition should work fine)
  2. open WinKill.sln
  3. compile and run


there's not much to it -- just a tray icon!

windows key active windows key killed

end-user system requirements

windows xp, vista, or 7. (2000 will probably work, but is untested)


the binaries and source are public domain, do whatever you want with them. ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

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