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xupnpd - eXtensible UPnP agent

Copyright (C) 2011-2015 Anton Burdinuk



Thanks to happy.neko aka Locky for VKontakte and GiantBomb plugin (http://lockyixbt.blogspot.com)
Thanks to Igor Drach for DreamBox plugin
Thanks to Iskrenkov Alexey for Cygwin port
Thanks to Zyxmon (http://zyxmon.org), Smorygo Philipp
Thanks to Semik for Gentoo patch
Thanks to Alexander E. Patrakov for mcast-ifindex patch
Thanks to Andrey Shevko for Web

Added ssl support by AyratD.

Change OPENSSL value in Makefile and next row:

CFLAGS+= -I$(OPENSSL)/include -L$(OPENSSL)/lib/openwrt

showing where *.h OpenSSL files and *.a OpenSSL files are located