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Neviweb custom component for Home Assistant to manage devices connected via a GT130
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Home Assistant Neviweb130 Custom Components

Here is a custom components to suport Neviweb in Home Assistant. Neviweb is a platform created by Sinopé Technologies to interact with their smart devices like thermostats, light switches/dimmers , load controllers, plug and water leak detector etc.

Neviweb130 will manage the devices connected to Neviweb via the GT130 gateway. It is presently in pre-release stage as some information are still missing from Sinopé.

Supported Devices

Here is a list of currently supported devices. Basically, it's everything that can be added in Neviweb.

  • Thermostats
    • Sinopé TH1124ZB-3000 Line voltage thermostat
    • Sinopé TH1124ZB-4000 Line voltage thermostat
    • Sinopé TH1124ZB-3000 Thermostat for public areas
    • Sinopé TH1124ZB-4000 Thermostat for public areas
    • Sinopé TH1300ZB 3600w Floor heating thermostat
    • Sinopé TH1400ZB Low voltage thermostat
  • Lighting
    • Sinopé SW2500ZB Light switch
    • Sinopé DM2500ZB Dimmer
  • Specialized Control
    • Sinopé RM3250ZB Load controller 50A
    • Sinopé SP2610ZB in-wall outlet
    • Sinopé SP2600ZB smart plug
  • Water leak detector
    • Sinopé VA4201WZ, sedna valve 1 inch
    • Sinopé VA4200WZ, sedna valve 3/4 inch
    • Sinopé WL4200, water leak detector
    • Sinopé WL4200S, water leak detector with sensor
  • Tank level monitor
    • Sinopé LM4110-ZB, level monitor


You need to connect your devices to a GT130 web gateway and add them in your Neviweb portal before being able to interact with them within Home Assistant. Please refer to the instructions manual of your device or visit Neviweb support.

There are two custom component giving you the choice to manage your devices via the neviweb portal or directly via your GT130 gateway:

  • Neviweb130 custom component to manage your devices via neviweb portal
  • Sinope130 custom component to manage your devices directly via your GT130 web gateway

You need to install only one of them but both can be used at the same time on HA.

Neviweb custom component to manage your device via Neviweb portal:


There are two methods to install this custom component:

  • via HACS component:
    • This repository is compatible with the Home Assistant Community Store (HACS).
    • After installing HACS, install 'sinope-130' from the store, and use the configuration.yaml example below.
  • Manually via direct download:
    • Download the zip file of this repository using the top right, green download button.

    • Extract the zip file on your computer, then copy the entire custom_components folder inside your Home Assistant config directory (where you can find your configuration.yaml file).

    • Your config directory should look like this:



To enable Neviweb130 management in your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file, then restart Home Assistant.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  username: '<your Neviweb username>'
  password: '<your Neviweb password>'
  network: '<your gt130 network name in Neviweb>'

Configuration options:

key required default description
username yes Your email address used to log in Neviweb.
password yes Your Neviweb password.
network yes if not specified, 1st network found is used. Write the name of the GT130 network you want to control.
scan_interval no 540 The number of seconds between access to Neviweb to update device state. Sinopé asked for a minimum of 5 minutes between polling now so you can reduce scan_interval to 300. Don't go over 600, the session will expire.


if you see your device in the log but it do not apear in entity list you need to add the device model number in the code. Or you can send the model number to me so I can add it in the code.

In the log look for lines:

[custom_components.neviweb130] Received gateway data: [{'id': 100225, 'identifier': '500b91400001f750', 'name': 'Chargeur auto', 'family': '2506',...
[custom_components.neviweb130] Received signature data: {'signature': {'model': 2506, 'modelCfg': 0, 'softBuildCfg': 0, 'softVersion': {'minor': 9, 'middle': 2, 'major': 1}, 'hardRev': 2, 'protocol': 'sinopcom'}}

'family': '2506' and 'model': 2506 is what you need to find the model number of your device. It should be added id,, or than restart HA and your device will be listed in entity list.

If you get a stack trace related to a Neviweb130 component in your home-assistant.log file, you can file an issue in this repository.

You can also post in one of those threads to get help:

Turning on Neviweb130 debug messages in home-assistant.log file

To have a maximum of information to help you, please provide a snippet of your home-assistant.log file. I've added some debug log messages that could help diagnose the problem.

Add thoses lines to your configuration.yaml file

  default: warning
    custom_components.neviweb130: debug

This will set default log level to warning for all your components, except for Neviweb which will display more detailed messages.

If you find a bug it's very new release without all the doc from Sinopé.


  • when this component will be stable. Merge it with The Neviweb component to poll all devices from only one component.
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