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Be in control about your file's integrity
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Be in control about your file's integrity.

Files on your new RAID-controller get corrupt?

You want to move your data to an encrypted filesystem and want to be sure, that every file is saved correctly? creates a checksum of EVERY file. You can change the base path (i.e. your data has new mountpoint) and recheck again. reports differences.

Bonus features

Search files by filename

Since we save every filename in an sqlite-db, you can search your files very quickly. Results are sorted by size.

Find duplicates

Since we save the checksum of every file, we can find out which files have the same content. Blew my mind when i was running this on my data drive…

List all files, sorted by modification date

Scroll through the history of your files. I've downloaded some RFC textfiles; they are dated 1986. Blew my mind, too.


Just provide the location where you want the sqlite3 database. It's a good habit to put that on the root of your filesystem as a hidden file, e.g. /mnt/Data/.checksummer.db

./ /mnt/Data/.checksummer.db

First run: Provide the base path; from which checksummer will scan files. You can change that anytime.

Main menu

Collecting files

Just type in cf and [Enter], and checksummer will scan every file starting from the base path.

Now you can search your files. But we don't have the size, yet.

Collecting file stats

Second step: Get the size and modification time of your files: cs.

Now we can show all files, sorted by size: r

Or by modification time: m

Creating checksums

mc - this process can take very long of course, because every file is being read. After that, duplicates can be listed.

Checking checksums

rc Reindex & check. You can do that from time to time…

If you've moved your files on a different location, you can change the base path first, and then run rc.

Search quickly

Just append the search term:

./ /mnt/Data/.checksummer.db movies

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