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PeptideBuilder: A simple Python library to generate model peptides.

Matthew Z. Tien, Dariya K. Sydykova, Austin G. Meyer, and Claus O. Wilke

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You can install PeptideBuilder with pip:

pip install PeptideBuilder

PeptideBuilder has one required dependency: Biopython


For example usage, we encourage you to checkout the scripts in the examples folder and in the tests folder. The examples folder contains two scripts showing typical usage. The script is a brief example script demonstrating basic use of the PeptideBuilder library. The script reproduces the results presented in Table 1 of Tien et al. (2013).

The file in tests contains extensive tests for the various functions provided by this library and may also be useful if you're looking for example usage.


The software is provided to you under the MIT license (see file LICENSE.txt). The most up-to-date version of this software is available at

To test whether your installation works properly, run pytest in the top-level project folder.


Pull requests are welcome on GitHub. However, to be accepted, contributions must:

  1. Be styled with black
  2. Be linted with pylint
  3. Be type-checked with mypy
  4. Pass the pytest unit tests

Thus, before contributing code make sure the following commands exit without errors when run from the root directory of the Peptide Builder project:

  • pytest
  • black .
  • mypy PeptideBuilder/
  • pylint --rcfile=setup.cfg PeptideBuilder/

Reference: M. Z. Tien, D. K. Sydykova, A. G. Meyer, C. O. Wilke (2013). PeptideBuilder: A simple Python library to generate model peptides. PeerJ 1:e80.