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Garry's mod addon. It adds to game weapon and ammunition sets (kits).
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[Garry's mod Addon] Weapon Sets

This addon allows you to create, edit and give sets (kits) of weapons and ammunitions and change player's loadout set.


  1. Download the zip file of this repository (or clone it)
  2. Copy gmod-lua-weaponsets-master into your GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons\ directory
  3. Run (or restart) Garry's mod


Tool menu: Q -> Utilities -> Weapon sets

Screenshot of sandbox menu

Sandbox desktop: C -> Weaponsets (left-top corner)

Screenshot of sandbox desktop

Right click on player

Right click screenshot

Console commands

  • weaponsets - Print sets list in server console
  • weaponsets <set_name> - Edit a set
  • weaponsets_delete <set_name> - Delete a set
  • weaponsets_give or weaponsets_setloadout - Open giving and loadout managment window
  • weaponsets_give <set_name> - Give set to all players
  • weaponsets_give <set_name> <UserID1> <UserId2> ... - Give set to player(s)*
  • weaponsets_setloadout <set_name> <UserID1> ... - Set as loadout set for player(s)* *You can get player's UserID by typing status concommand


  • weaponsets_loadoutset "<default>" - Loadout weapon set for all players
  • weaponsets_adminonly "1" - If enabled only superadmin can give and edit weaponsets
  • weaponsets_deathmatch "0" - If enabled all players will can choose loadout set (F2)

Steam workshop page:

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