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View your GPU utilization, both for the total activity percent and individual blocks.

Requires access to /dev/dri/cardN files or /dev/mem (root privileges).

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Supported cards

R600 and up, even Southern Islands should work fine. Works with both the open drivers and AMD Catalyst.

For the Catalyst driver, only the mem path is currently supported - this means it won't run on the default Ubuntu kernels that block /dev/mem.

The total GPU utilization is also valid for OpenCL loads; the other blocks are only useful in GL loads.


If you'd like to translate RadeonTop to your own language, please go here:



  • libdrm
  • libncurses
  • libpciaccess
  • libxcb

Simply start radeontop and it auto-selects the first supported GPU:


Running radeontop on a bus 0f:

./radeontop -b 0f

Writing values to stdout instead of showing a GUI:

./radeontop -d -

Getting all options:

./radeontop --help



  • all run time prerequisites with dev files
  • gcc / clang
  • pkgconf


If all prerequisites are fullfilled, it can be build by simply running:


Build options

Build options can be specified to having the following variables being set to "1"

nls     enable translations, default on
debug   enable debug symbols, default off
nostrip disable stripping, default off
plain   apply neither gcc's -g nor -s.
xcb     enable libxcb to run unprivileged in Xorg, default on
amdgpu  enable amdgpu usage reporting, default auto (requires libdrm >= 2.4.63)


make amdgpu=1 xcb=1

This will build radeontop with amdgpu reporting and xcb support.