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The goal of this repo is to make it easy to "vendor" your own frameworks and programming languages in an automated fashion.

Once this project is complete you will be able to have own version of python with custom pip modules included, ruby, OpenSSL, and more all in one nice big package or multiple smaller packages for easy deployment.

To keep track of progress look at the Master list


Currently parts of this project are working. Make sure you cd code. You can run sudo ./ to build and optionally package some of these pieces. Or cd into one of the sub-folders and run sudo python directly (the help is quite 'helpful'). This will give you the most control at this point until the build script matures and has more arguments added.

It is recommended that you build this project in a clean environnement IE - a virtual machine. That will give you the best results and make sure your packages are clean.


  • Apple Command Line Tools (installable with xcode-select --install)
  • Python 2


vendored was created to be customizable. As such, it is possible to override almost every option. These overrides live in the config.ini file.

The config.ini file contains two sections:

  • [DEFAULT] which contains the default values
  • [override] which will override values from the default section

A sample is shown below:

base_install_path: /Library/CPE
pkgid: com.clburlison
sign_cert_cn: Developer ID Installer: Clayton Burlison

Working with the CI

CircleCI is set to run tests on this repo. Coding should follow the PEP 8 style guide and is verified with flake8. While correct spellings for code is verified with enchant using the python-enchant module.

To run the CI tests locally the following tools must be installed:

  • Docker for Mac.
  • circleci binary via
    curl -o /usr/local/bin/circleci && chmod +x /usr/local/bin/circleci

To run the lint job:

circleci build


Huge thanks to...

  • the Google MacOps team for open sourcing their solution
  • @pudquick for his work on tlsssl so we can patch the native Python 2.7 that ships on macOS

This project uses works from:

Author/Organization Project Link
@pudquick pudquick/tlsssl
Munki munkilib
Google Inc. google/macops packages
EmojiOne briefcase
Ignace Mouzannar CI python spell checks post


This project uses the MIT License.