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kou Add support for Ruby 2.4 again
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String#delete_prefix is available since Ruby 2.5.

Reported by Masatoshi TSUCHIYA.
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Full text search plugin

This plugin provides the following features:

  • Fast and rich full text search to Redmine
  • Display similar issues on an issue page


If you're using MySQL or MariaDB, you need Mroonga 9.03 or later.

If you're using PostgreSQL, you need PGroonga 2.2.0 or later.

Mroonga and PGroonga uses Groonga as full text search engine. You need Groonga 9.0.3 or later.

Optional requirements

  • ChupaText server: Text extractor server.

How to use

Install PGroonga or Mroonga

See PGroonga document

See Mroonga document

Install ChupaText server (optional)

You can choose one of them to install ChupaText:

  1. Use chupa-text-docker
  2. Use chupa-text-vagrant
  3. Use chupa-text-http-server

chupa-text-docker is recommended. See chupa-text-docker document to install chupa-text-docker.

See chupa-text-vagrant document to install chupa-text-vagrant.

chupa-text-http-server is a normal Ruby on Rails application like Redmine itself. You can deploy chupa-text-http-server as a normal Ruby on Rails application.

Install this plugin

$ cd redmine
$ git clone plugins/full_text_search
$ bundle install
$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails redmine:plugins:migrate

Restart Redmine.

NOTE for PGroonga:

If you use normal user for Redmine. You must run the following query as a super user before run RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails redmine:plugins:migrate:


Configure this plugin

Open https://YOUR_REDMINE_SERVER/settings/plugin/full_text_search and configure items in the page. If you install ChupaText server, you must configure "ChupaText server URL". If you install your ChupaText server by chupa-text-docker or chupa-text-vagrant on the same host, it's

Synchronize data

You need to create index for existing data. You need to run full_text_search:synchronize task until no more synchronize target data.

$ cd redmine
$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails full_text_search:synchronize
$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails full_text_search:synchronize
$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails full_text_search:synchronize

Synchronize query expansion list

This plugin supports query expansion. You can use this feature to implement synonym search.

You can administrate query expansion list by Web UI in administration page or data file.

You can use the following format for data file:

  • CSV
  • JSON

If you use CSV, use the following format:




If you use JSON, use one of the following formats:

{"source": "SOURCE1", "destination": "DESTINATION1"},
{"source": "SOURCE2", "destination": "DESTINATION2"},


["MySQL",   "MySQL"],
["MySQL",   "MariaDB"],
["MariaDB", "MySQL"],
["MariaDB", "MariaDB"]
{"source": "MySQL",   "destination": "MySQL"},
{"source": "MySQL",   "destination": "MariaDB"},
{"source": "MariaDB", "destination": "MySQL"},
{"source": "MariaDB", "destination": "MariaDB"}

You can synchronize query expansion list with the data file by the following command:

$ cd redmine
$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails full_text_search:query_expansion:synchronize INPUT=query-expansion.csv

You can confirm the current query expansion list in administration page.

How to recover broken database


Mroonga isn't crash safe. If MySQL is crashed while updating data in Mroonga, Mroonga data may be broken.

Here is the instruction to recover from broken Mroonga data.

If you're using Redmine plugin Delayed Job, you need to stop workers and delete jobs for this plugin:

$ sudo -H systemctl stop redmine-delayed-job@0.service
$ cd redmine
$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails runner 'Delayed::Job.where(queue: "full_text_search").delete_all'

Stop MySQL:

$ sudo -H systemctl stop mysqld

Remove Mroonga related files:

$ cd redmine
$ database_name=$(RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails runner 'puts ActiveRecord::Base.configurations[Rails.env]["database"]')
$ sudo -H sh -c "rm -rf /var/lib/mysql/${database_name}.mrn*"

Start MySQL:

$ sudo -H systemctl start mysqld

Recreate schema for this plugin:

$ cd redmine
$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=full_text_search VERSION=0
$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails redmine:plugins:migrate NAME=full_text_search

If you're using Redmine plugin Delayed Job, you need to start workers:

$ sudo -H systemctl start redmine-delayed-job@0.service


$ cd redmine
$ RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails full_text_search:synchronize UPSERT=later


  • Kenji Okimoto

  • Sutou Kouhei <>

  • Shimadzu Corporation


The MIT License. See LICENSE for details.


  • asserts/stylesheets/fontawesome*/**/*
    • Author: @fontawesome
    • Fonts: SIL OFL 1.1 License
    • Codes: MIT License
    • See asserts/stylesheets/fontawesome*/LICENSE.txt for details


  1. Fork it ( )
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request
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