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Welcome to the ClearBlade GitHub organization. In this organization, you will find many different publicly available repositories. These repositories fall into the different categories of:

  • IoT Enterprise SDKs
  • IoT Edge Release Builds
  • IoT Edge Adapters
  • Samples and Examples
  • IoT Core SDKs

ClearBlade welcomes community contributions. We encourage open-source best practices for collaboration.

Recommended contribution process:

  1. Select the repository.
  2. Fork the repository as a local user or an organization.
  3. Create a working branch.
  4. Merge any desired changes.
  5. Create a PR from a changed branch in a fork against the ClearBlade GitHub repository.


  1. Edge Edge Public

    ClearBlade Edge Platform - Releases


  2. cb-cli cb-cli Public

    Command line interface for working with the ClearBlade Platform

    Shell 2 1

  3. clearblade-c-sdk clearblade-c-sdk Public

    C 1 1

  4. clearblade-deployment-kit clearblade-deployment-kit Public

    ClearBlade Deployment Kit (CDK) for ClearBlade Edge Platform

    JavaScript 2

  5. JavaScript-API JavaScript-API Public

    HTML 2 3

  6. Go-SDK Go-SDK Public

    A Go client library for working with the ClearBlade Platform

    Go 1


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