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Ubuntu Live CD remastering tool

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Customizer is an advanced Live CD customization and remastering tool. With it, you can build your own Ubuntu-based remix using either the Ubuntu Mini Remix, Ubuntu or its derivatives ISO image with a few mouse clicks.

This branch relies on Gambas 2 packages, optimized for 12.04 and older releases.

IMPORTANT You need to enable some repositories to install the dependencies and gambas2 packages. Ensure that you have enabled the universe repository in your Software Sources. Then, update the repository (or open Terminal and run sudo apt-get update) and follow the instructions below.

Getting Started

Download installation script and execute:

chmod +x
sudo ./ -i

Then, run Customizer in CLI:

sudo /opt/Customizer/ -h

Or, run Customizer in GUI:

gksu /opt/Customizer/GUI.gambas

IMPORTANT If you are using KDE, replace gksu with kdesu or kdesudo.

Visit our GitHub Wiki at for details.


Ivailo Monev 'SmiL3y' (code developer)

Michal Glowienka 'eloaders' (PPA maintainer)

Mubiin Kimura 'clearkimura' (documentation)

Andrie Vorster 'andries-petrus-vorster' (

Ayman 'aymanim' (typo, spellcheck)

Yes 'eByrd' (typo, spellcheck)


The GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2)

Copyright (C) 2010-2013 Ivailo Monev

Copyright (C) 2013-2014 Mubiin Kimura

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