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Swupd Client

Shellcheck Swupd tests

swupd is an OS-level software update program that applies updates to a Clear Linux OS. More information on how to use swupd can be found in the official documentation, swupd command man page and other documents on docs directory.

Reporting problems

Use github issue report tool ( to report bugs, issues and feature requests.

To help us to reproduce a bug reported, please attach the swupd command line, the command output, swupd version ('swupd -v' output) and clear linux version ('swupd info' output).

For other questions, contact us in Clear Linux mailing list ( or IRC channel ( #clearlinux on Freenode).

How to contribute

Swupd client is open for contributions, so we are more than willing to review your patches! For more information take a look on the how to contribute guide

Reporting Security Concerns

If you have discovered potential security vulnerability in Swupd, please visit for best practices on reporting security issues and to report your concern.