CS108 Final Project
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CS108 Final Project

Required Features Questions +Question-Response +Fill in the Blank +Multiple Choice +Picture-Response Questions

Extensioned Features +Multianswer Question

Answers +Synonyms

Quiz Properties and Quiz Options +Random Questions +One Page vs. Multiple Pages +Immediate Correction

Scoring +User score and completion time +User history

User +Encrypted passwords +Salted passwords

Friends +Hyperlinked profile +Add friends +Remove friends +Search friends

Mail Messages +Friend Request +Challenge +Note

History +User's past quiz performance

Achievements +Amateur Author +Prolific Author +Prodigious Author +Quiz Machine +I am the Greatest +Practice Makes Perfect

Administration +Create announcements +Remove user accounts (Ban) +Remove quizzes +Clear all history information +Promote user accounts to administration accounts +Site statistics

Home Page +Announcements +Popular quizzes +Recently created quizzes +Their own recent quiz taking activities +Their own recent quiz creating activities +Achievements +Challenges +Friend Requests +Notes +Friend's recent quiz taking activities +Friend's recent quiz creating activities

Quiz Summary +Description +Creator +User's past performance +Highest performers of all time +Top performers in the last day +Performance of recent test takers +Summary statistics (Average time, average score, etc.) +Take the quiz -Take the quiz in practice mode (NOT IMPLEMENTED) +Edit quiz

Quiz Result +User's score +User's time spent +Average score +Average time spent +Number of times taken today +Number of times taken overall +Friend's score +Friend's time spent

Overall Website Look +CSS (No Bootstrap (!), but special thanks to Codrops tutorials) +JavaScript

Error Checking +No webserver code

User sessions and threading

Extensions -Tags and categories (NOT SURE) -Edit profiles (NOT SURE) +Quiz editing +Rating and review system +Reporting system +Improved error handling +Non-registered access +Cookies -Privacy settings -XML loading +Naming -Practice mode +Profile pictures +Additional user features: about me, location, etc. +Flag quizzes as innappropriate +Error Checking for Non-sensical input for quiz creation +Error Checking for Non-sensical input for quiz editing +Error Checking for Non-sensical input for question generation +Error Checking for Non-sensical input for question editing +Error Checking for creating a quiz with no questions +Ignores repetitive or blank synonyms for question answers +Ability to save title and description for in progress quiz creation +Canceling Feature for in-process quiz creation +Post quiz editing +Ability to add new questions to quiz post creation +Ability to delete previous questions from quiz post creation