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With privateThemes support, I have been able to create a sample TODO application as a module:

The idea is that user should be able to do a general application design like other frameworks, but leverage modules/capabilities of calipso - such as themes support, user/role management, forms design and reuse... etc. I am attempting to do precisely this in the sample application above. I have abstracted out module specific dependencies under _module.js, so user doesn't have to now too much about calipso's workings.

So here is an approach, and let us discuss if this makes sense...

  • App modules represent applications, typically under "/" or app specific URLs such as "/blogserver", "/portal" etc.

    • Examples of applications: Portal, blog server, CMS system
    • Allow "/" to map to any chosen app module.
    • And we expect users to use this framework for their own apps.
  • Helper modules: Examples: tagging, content, user management,

    • They export embeddable widgets, and highly configurable. APIs for use with applications.
    • They can be styled within the application modules.
    • They can be managed under admin as usual.
  • Admin interface for basic management (should be under /admin).

We should really aim for giving communities a great replacement for drupal!


Sorry I have been offline for a while. With the theme extension support this should just be merged into the documentation, right?

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