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April OneGameAMonth WIP dungeon crawl game
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Heroine Dusk™

Version 1.2

Heroine Dusk™ is a basic dungeon crawl made using an old aesthetic. It began as my April OneGameAMonth project.

The game's world is set in a fantasy human realm where the sun has not returned in several days. Evil forces are using the safety of night to invade. You are a serf woman takes up arms to fight against the darkness.


The game is written in Javascript using HTML5 canvas. The art was created with Blender and GIMP.

  • 16 colors (using DawnBringer's palette)
  • 160x120 native resolution (stretches to fit browser window)
  • Keyboard controls: WASD or Arrows for movement, Space or Enter for interaction
  • Mouse controls: click to move or turn, or click buttons to interact.
  • Touch controls: as mouse controls, supported on some modern device browsers.


  • All of the visual art and code for Heroine Dusk was created by Clint Bellanger.
  • The code for Heroine Dusk is released under GPL v3, with later versions permitted.
  • The visual art for Heroine Dusk is released under CC-BY-SA 3.0, with later versions permitted.
  • The music is by Yubatake (CC-BY 3.0).


The copyright licenses above allow you to share Heroine Dusk. When making it available on other platforms, be sure to include the proper attribution.

Here is a suggested way to attribute Heroine Dusk (to fulfill the terms of Creative Commons attribution)

Heroine Dusk is created by Clint Bellanger
Heroine Dusk features music by Yubatake


"Heroine Dusk" is a trademark name (™). The above copyright licenses do not grant you the use of this trademark.

Heroine Dusk refers to the game as I have created it. If you modify the game's content, it's acceptable to say your derivative work is based on Heroine Dusk but you may no longer call it "Heroine Dusk".

When making Heroine Dusk available (without game content modified and following the above copyright terms), do not use the "Heroine Dusk" trademark to mislead players into thinking yours is an official source of the game or that you are the game's creator.

You may not use the "Heroine Dusk" logo or word mark for commercial or promotional purposes without my explicit permission.

I grant a commercial exception for critics and reviewers (including Let's Plays) who use the word and logo trademarks in the course of their criticism.

The title screen image release/images/backgrounds/title.png contains the trademark Heroine Dusk block letters logo.


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