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INI syntax highlighting for Sublime Text 2
Latest commit d134aaa Jul 20, 2015 @clintberry Merge pull request #20 from saxbophone/master
Add cfg and .editorconfig file extensions

INI file Syntax Highlighting


  1. Open Sublime Text
  2. Locate Preferences in the menu, click on "Browse Packages..."
  3. Create a folder named INI and copy everything from this repository in that folder
  4. Enjoy


  • 2014-05-05 Added *.lng (Language translation files) to fileTypes for highlighting
  • 2013-03-20 Comment allowed anywhere on the line (including on the same line after properties or section declarations).


Most of this was taken from another script I found on the internet. I just googled around and can't find the original author. Kudos go to whoever it was. Also, thanks for all the pull requests.

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