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Juho Teperi edited this page Oct 5, 2018 · 19 revisions
  1. Remember to make the changes against your up-to-date fork to avoid merge conflicts
  2. Create a topic branch for your library rather than using the master branch
  3. Update package version
    • If the upstream library has been updated, update the +lib-version+ on build.boot and set the build identifier part of +version+ var (the part after dash) back to zero.
    • If you are only changing the Cljsjs packaging part, like externs, increment the build identifier.
  4. Check library changelog or such for clues if the API has been changed
    • Update externs (if the API has changed)
      • If the externs are generated, it is probably a good idea to always generate them between major and minor versions (major.minor.patch).
      • If the generated extern doesn't contain notes how it was generated, this is a good time add documentation
  5. Run package script locally and test the package
    • If package uses latest Boot-cljsjs, also remember to commit boot-cljsjs-checksum.edn file
  6. Commit with a message adhering to these guidelines
  7. Create a pull request from your fork