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A Jupyter kernel for Clojure - run Clojure code in Jupyter Lab, Notebook and Console.

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Table of Contents


Getting Started

In the examples folder of the repository are there 3 example notebooks showing some of the features of clojupyter. See this notebook showing examples of how you can display HTML and use external Javascript:

There are 3 example notebooks because Jupyter offers several distinct user interfaces - Jupyter Lab, Jupyter Notebook and Jupyter Console - which have different feature sets for which clojupyter offers different support. We have one example notebook showing the features shared by Lab and Notebook and for each showing their distinct features. According to the Jupyter development roadmaps, Jupyter Notebook will eventually be phased out and completely replaced by Jupyter Lab.

You can also use existing JVM charting libraries since you can render any Java BufferedImage.


Clojupyter can be used in several ways, please read Usage Scenarios to find out which type of use model best fits you needs, and how to install Clojupyter in that scenario.

Running Jupyter with Clojupyter

Jupyter Notebook

To start Jupyter Notebook do:

jupyter notebook

and choose 'New' in the top right corner and select 'Clojure (clojupyter...)' kernel.

Jupyter Lab

To start Jupyter Lab do:

jupyter lab

Jupyter Console

You can also start the Jupyter Console by:

jupyter-console --kernel=<clojupyter-kernel-name>

Use jupyter-kernelspec list to list all available kernels. So e.g. in case of installing clojupyter using conda the start command is:

jupyter-console --kernel=conda-clojupyter

Command Line Interface

If you are using Clojupyter as a library, you can use Clojupyter's command line interface to perform operations such as listing, installing, and removing Clojupyter kernels.

For example, in a Clojure repository which includes Clojuputer, you can get the list of available commands (you can ignore the warning - it's from an older dependency):

clj -M -m clojupyter.cmdline list-commands
WARNING: parse-boolean already refers to: #'clojure.core/parse-boolean in namespace: omniconf.core, being replaced by: #'omniconf.core/parse-boolean
Clojupyter v0.4.319@319 - List commands

    Clojupyter commands:

       - help
       - install
       - list-commands
       - list-installs
       - list-installs-matching
       - remove-installs-matching
       - remove-install
       - version

    You can invoke Clojupyter commands like this:

       clj -m clojupyter.cmdline <command>

    or, if you have set up lein configuration, like this:

       lein clojupyter <command>

    See documentation for details.


See Command Line Interface for more details.


Development progress is based on voluntary efforts so we can't make any promises, but the wish list for clojupyter development looks something like this:

  • Front-end: Support reindentation, Parinfer, syntax highlighting in code blocks
  • Connect running kernel to running Clojure instances
  • Clarify/simplify external access to rendering - eliminate dependency from Oz to clojupyter
  • Support interactive Jupyter Widgets

Feed-back is welcomed, use the discussions page to ask questions, give suggestions or just to say hi 👋.

If you have issues with Clojupyter, check the issues page to see if your problem is already reported and open a new issue if needed.


If you submit a pull request that ends up getting merged, we will give you commit access.