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org.clojure parent POMs

This project defines a parent Maven Project Object Model (POM) for projects contributed to Clojure and built at

What does this POM do?

The pom.xml file of this project defines a common configuration baseline for libraries contributed to Clojure, including:

  • Parent POM: org.sonatype.oss:oss-parent
    • enables automated releases to the Sonatype open-source Maven repository, and then to the Maven central repository
  • Build properties
    • clojure.version defined to be the most recent release of Clojure
      • This may be an alpha or beta release
      • This may be changed on the Maven command line to test with different versions
    • clojure.warnOnReflection sets the *warn-on-reflection* flag during compilation
      • Defaults to false
      • This may be changed on the Maven command line to test with *warn-on-reflection* true
    • set to UTF-8
  • License set to EPL 1.0
  • Build plugin configuration
    • build-helper-maven-plugin
      • Adds src/main/clojure to the source and resource directories for the project
      • Adds src/test/clojure to the test source and test resource directories for the project
      • Ensures sources will be recognized by other plugins and copied to the output JAR
    • maven-compiler-plugin
      • Sets Java source and target version to 1.5
      • Sets Java source file encoding to UTF-8
    • maven-release-plugin
      • Prevents tags and other changes from being pushed to Git when a release build fails
    • com.theoryinpractise:clojure-maven-plugin
      • AOT-compiles all .clj sources as a syntax check
      • Does not include any AOT-compiled .class files in the output JAR
      • Runs tests defined with clojure.test
      • Does not AOT-compile test .clj sources
  • Build profiles
    • Default profile
      • Adds dependency on a Clojure release defined by the clojure.version property
    • "local-clojure-jar" profile
      • Adds "system" dependency on a Clojure JAR anywhere on the local filesystem
      • Enabled by setting the clojure.jar property on the command line
        • Must be set to the absolute path to the Clojure JAR file

What do contrib projects need to do?

Unless they have special build requirements such as gen-class, contrib projects should only require three things:

  • Clojure sources in src/main/clojure/
  • Test sources using clojure.test in src/test/clojure/
  • A pom.xml file that looks like example-project-pom.xml