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def: refine defalias further, deals now with only root binding, clean…

…ly merges metadata and provides doc string, conforms to DRY principle
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scgilardi committed Jan 31, 2009
1 parent eb489c7 commit cbbf5c120cb13bfcf1dd78c74f270589b78aed28
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  1. +12 −9 src/clojure/contrib/def.clj
@@ -60,17 +60,20 @@
(list `defonce (with-meta name (assoc (meta name) :private true :doc doc)) expr)))
(defmacro defalias
- "Defines an alias for a var: a new var with the same value and metadata
- as another with the exception of :namespace, :name, :file, :line, and
- optionally :doc which are those of new var."
+ "Defines an alias for a var: a new var with the same root binding (if
+ any) and similar metadata. The metadata of the alias is its initial
+ metadata (as provided by def) merged into the metadata of the original."
([name orig]
- `(let [o# #'~orig v# (def ~name @o#)]
- (alter-meta! v# merge ^o# ^v#)
- v#))
+ `(do
+ (alter-meta!
+ (if (.hasRoot (var ~orig))
+ (def ~name (.getRoot (var ~orig)))
+ (def ~name))
+ conj
+ (apply dissoc (meta (var ~orig)) (keys (meta (var ~name)))))
+ (var ~name)))
([name orig doc]
- `(let [o# #'~orig v# (def ~name @o#)]
- (alter-meta! v# merge ^o# ^v# {:doc ~doc})
- v#)))
+ (list `defalias (with-meta name (assoc (meta name) :doc doc)) orig)))
; defhinted by Chouser:
(defmacro defhinted

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