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-Benchmark (and regression) suite for Clojure
-Copyright (c) Rich Hickey.
+## Getting Started
+### Requirements
+* JDK with java/javac on path -
+* maven -
+* add the following to your ~/.m2/settings.xml file
+ <activeProfiles>
+ <activeProfile>clojure-dev</activeProfile>
+ </activeProfiles>
-License and CA same as Clojure. See epl-v10.html at the root of the
-project for details.
+ <profiles>
+ <profile>
+ <id>clojure-dev</id>
+ <activation> <activeByDefault>false</activeByDefault> </activation>
+ <repositories>
+ <repository>
+ <id>clojars</id>
+ <url></url>
+ </repository>
+ </repositories>
+ </profile>
+ ...
+ </profiles>
+ ...
+### Building
+git clone
+cd test.benchmark
+mvn test
+### Misc
+# starts a swank server
+mvn clojure:swank
+### Running a benchmark (e.g. alioth.thread-ring)
+script/run alioth.thread-ring 1000
+### Contributing
+There are a number of completed benchmarks, but there is a lot more left to do.
+Andy Fingerhut has a suit of benchmarks tailored for Clojure 1.2 and need updated or redone for Clojure 1.3 (
+A good general approach is to examine the fastest alioth implementations, usually Java or C, and write a Clojure port.
+Idiomatic Clojure typically shows poorly in the benchmarks. Liberal use of primitive arrays, type hinting, and iteration apply.
+Long term goal is a performance regression test suit ...
+Alioth Benchmark site is here:
+Work on the benchmarks is tracked here:

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