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0.10.0-RC1 (2019-06-30)

  • Docstring improvements
  • Deprecated five small integer generators
    • gen/int
    • gen/pos-int
    • gen/neg-int
    • gen/s-pos-int
    • gen/s-neg-int Added a gen/small-integer to replace gen/int, and the docstrings for all the deprecated generators suggest alternatives
  • Added gen/size-bounded-bigint and gen/big-ratio, both jvm-only
  • Added *-equatable variants of gen/simple-type, gen/simple-type-printable, gen/any, and gen/any-printable; the only current difference is that the new generators never generate a NaN, and so they should always be = to equivalent objects

0.10.0-alpha4 (2019-03-10)

  • Automatically require cljs macros so users don't have to (TCHECK-154)

0.10.0-alpha3 (2018-05-27)

  • Improve failure reporting (TCHECK-34)
  • gen/frequency doesn't shrink to zero-weighted entries (TCHECK-129)
  • Faster PRNG in clojurescript
  • General symbol/keyword generator improvements (shorter on average, keyword generator includes colons and can generate :/)
  • passing test reporting is optional (TCHECK-116)
  • Doesn't crash when some other plugin redefines clojure.test/report (TCHECK-125)
  • test names used more reliably in certain reportings (TCHECK-124)
  • Removed the map-style bindings in gen/let introduced in alpha1 (TCHECK-133)
  • Changed some of the key names in the reporter-fn calls to more closely match the data returned from quick-check, to minimize confusion
  • Clarified meaning of bindings in the for-all docstring (TCHECK-121)
  • Updated the :result key to be more backwards compatible, added a :pass? key, renamed results/passing? to results/pass? (TCHECK-142)
  • Added timing keys to the quick-check return data (TCHECK-95)

0.10.0-alpha2 (2017-06-27)

  • Added a 3rd optional argument to gen/generate, the seed
  • Reverted behavioral change in prop/for-all so that returned exceptions are treated as thrown exceptions (TCHECK-131)

0.10.0-alpha1 (2017-06-07)

  • Major changes
    • Adds a :reporter-fn callback for the quick-check function, fixing TCHECK-33 (this item is the most subject to change before the final release)
    • Rewrote recursive-gen to be more careful about sizing (TCHECK-83)
    • A new protocol clojure.test.check.results/Result that gives a standard way for a test to return metadata to the test runner
  • Minor changes
    • Generated keywords and symbols are now smaller, on average
    • gen/any and gen/any-printable can generate sets now
    • Collections shrink faster now
    • Created clojure.test.check.clojure-test/*default-opts*
    • gen/frequency can shrink to earlier generators (TCHECK-114)
    • gen/such-that can take an ex-fn option to customize exceptions
    • gen/let supports map bindings to specify independence (TCHECK-98)
    • Internal tweaks for compatibility with self-hosted cljs (TCHECK-105)
    • gen/sample uses size up to 200 instead of 100
  • An assortment of internal changes

0.9.0 (2015-11-12)

0.9.0 contains an assortment of new generators, and is the first release that requires Clojure 1.7.0 (due to using cljc files to unify the clj & cljs code).

  • gen/let
  • gen/uuid
  • gen/double
  • gen/large-integer
  • gen/set
  • gen/sorted-set
  • gen/vector-distinct
  • gen/vector-distinct-by
  • gen/list-distinct
  • gen/list-distinct-by
  • gen/map now takes sizing options, the same as the preceding collection generators


  • Bugfix for TCHECK-77, which was a regression in the precision of gen/choose introduced in 0.8.1.


  • Bugfix for TCHECK-73, in which gen/int would sometimes generate doubles.


  • Breaking ClojureScript Change: The namespace names have changed:
    • cljs.*clojure.*
    • cljs.test.check.cljs-testclojure.test.check.clojure-test
  • Randomness is now provided by a port of the java.util.SplittableRandom algorithm, instead of java.util.Random and goog.testing.PsuedoRandom.
  • New functions in clojure.test.check.generators:
    • scale
    • generate


  • Add ClojureScript support, written by @swannodette. More usage can be found in the README.
  • Raise an error if the incorrect arity of defspec is used.
  • Don't export the following private functions:
    • make-rng
    • not-falsey-or-exception?
    • make-gen
    • bind-helper
    • recursive-helper
    • binding-vars
    • binding-gens


  • Fix regression where floating point numbers weren't allowed to describe the number of tests in the defspec macro. Ex: (defspec foo 1e5 ...) now works again.
  • Allow gen/shuffle to work on anything that can be turned into a sequence.
  • Allow for testing to be cancelled inside the REPL with ctrl-c.
  • Fix StackOverflow error that would be caused when generating vector with more than about 10k elements.


  • Fix bug introduced in 0.6.0: The defspec macro could only accept map or numeric literals as options, instead of a symbol.


  • Add a shuffle generator, which generates permutations of a given sequence.

  • Rename alpha-numeric functions to alphanumeric. char-alpha-numeric and string-alpha-numeric are now deprecated in favor of char-alphanumeric and string-alphanumeric. The deprecated versions will be removed in a future version of test.check.

  • Update the defspec macro to allow an optional map argument, which allows for the setting of :seed, :num-tests and :max-size. Examples below:

    (defspec run-with-map {:num-tests 1} (prop/for-all* [gen/int] (constantly true)))
    (defspec run-with-map {:num-tests 1
                           :seed 1}
  • Provide better error-messages for the misuse of generator combinators. Many of the functions now test that their arguments are of the appropriate type, and will throw a runtime error otherwise.

  • Print test failures that can be copied directly. For example, print the empty string as "", instead of a blank value. This is fixed by using prn instead of println.


  • Better sizing for recursive generators
  • Add gen/recursive-gen function for writing recursive generators
  • Add keyword and symbol generators that may include namespaces
    • gen/keyword-ns
    • gen/symbol-ns


  • Limit the number of retries for gen/such-that. A two-arity version is provided if you need to retry more than 10 times. This should be a code-smell, though.
  • Return random seed used on test failure
  • Fix keyword generator to conform to reader specs
  • Correct documentation mentions of namespaces
  • Add more detailed contributing instructions
  • Internal: use a record internally for generators. This is meant to help convey the fact that generators are opaque
  • Extract rose-tree code into a separate namespace


  • Rename project to test.check. See README for migrating from simple-check.

simple-check 0.5.6

  • Fix choose bug introduced in 0.5.4, the upper-bound was not inclusive.

simple-check 0.5.5

  • Fix botched release

simple-check 0.5.4

  • Fix documentation typos
  • Fix defspec default num-tests bug (#52)
  • Fix docstring position on exclude-nth function (#50)
  • Add rose-seq helper function
  • Use full Long range in rand-range (#42)
  • More useful error-message with one-of
  • Add no-shrink and shrink-2 combinators
  • Fix interpose-twice-the-length test (#52)

simple-check 0.5.3

  • All dependencies are now dev-dependencies
  • Minor doc typo correction

simple-check 0.5.2

  • Improve shrinking for sequences
  • BACKWARD_INCOMPATIBILITY: update API for gen/hash-map, now mirrors closer the clojure.core API

simple-check 0.5.1

  • Remove unused dependency (clj-tuple)
  • Add 'any' generator
  • Add not-empty generator modifier
  • Change one-of to shrink toward earlier generators on failure

simple-check 0.5.0

  • Shrinking will only shrink to values that could have been created by the generator
  • Bugfix with the byte and bytes generator
  • Create strings of variable length (instead of always length=size)
  • Fix off-by-one error in number of tests reported
  • Generate sizes starting at 0, not 1

simple-check 0.4.1

  • When a property fails, add the result of the final shrink to the output map. This can be found in [:shrunk :result]
  • Make pairs respect their size during shrinking (they're just tuples)
  • Add a default num-tests to defspec

simple-check 0.4.0

  • tuple generator now creates tuple types (from clj-tuple)

    • BACKWARD_INCOMPATIBILITY: gen/tuple now takes var-args, instead of a vector of arguments. So change:
    (gen/tuple [gen/int gen/boolean])


    (gen/tuple gen/int gen/boolean)

    Tuples will now retain their size when shrunk.

  • add a ratio generator

  • correctly shrink empty lists

  • switch to codox-md for documentation

simple-check 0.3.0

  • add strictly-positive and strictly-negative integer generators
  • allow scientific notation in number of tests parameter
  • allow specification of number of elements in vector generator

simple-check 0.2.1

  • remove unused diff function
  • eliminate reflection warnings

simple-check 0.2.0

  • added gen/byte and gen/bytes
  • swapped order of args in gen/such-that
  • swapped order of args in simple-check.clojure-test/defspec
  • add implicit do to defspec body

simple-check 0.1.0

  • First release
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