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(ns clojureprogramming.mandlebrot
(:import java.awt.image.BufferedImage
(java.awt Color RenderingHints)))
(defn- escape
"Returns an integer indicating how many iterations were required
before the value of z (using the components `a` and `b`) could
be determined to have escaped the Mandlebrot set. If z
will not escape, -1 is returned."
[a0 b0 depth]
(loop [a a0
b b0
iteration 0]
(< 4 (+ (* a a) (* b b))) iteration
(>= iteration depth) -1
:else (recur (+ a0 (- (* a a) (* b b)))
(+ b0 (* 2 (* a b)))
(inc iteration)))))
(defn mandlebrot
"Calculates membership within and number of iterations to escape
from the Mandlebrot set for the region defined by `rmin`, `rmax`
`imin` and `imax` (real and imaginary components of z, respectively).
Optional kwargs include `:depth` (maximum number of iterations
to calculate escape of a point from the set), `:height` ('pixel'
height of the rendering), and `:width` ('pixel' width of the
Returns a seq of row vectors containing iteration numbers for when
the corresponding point escaped from the set. -1 indicates points
that did not escape in fewer than `depth` iterations, i.e. they
belong to the set. These integers can be used to drive most common
Mandlebrot set visualizations."
[rmin rmax imin imax & {:keys [width height depth]
:or {width 80 height 40 depth 1000}}]
(let [rmin (double rmin)
imin (double imin)
stride-w (/ (- rmax rmin) width)
stride-h (/ (- imax imin) height)]
(loop [x 0
y (dec height)
escapes []]
(if (== x width)
(if (zero? y)
(partition width escapes)
(recur 0 (dec y) escapes))
(recur (inc x) y (conj escapes (escape (+ rmin (* x stride-w))
(+ imin (* y stride-h))
(defn render-text
"Prints a basic textual rendering of mandlebrot set membership,
as returned by a call to `mandlebrot`."
(doseq [row mandlebrot-grid]
(doseq [escape-iter row]
(print (if (neg? escape-iter) \* \space)))
(defn render-image
"Given a mandlebrot set membership grid as returned by a call to
`mandlebrot`, returns a BufferedImage with the same resolution as the
grid that uses a discrete grayscale color palette."
(let [palette (vec (for [c (range 500)]
(Color/getHSBColor 0.0 0.0 (/ (Math/log c) (Math/log 500)))))
height (count mandlebrot-grid)
width (count (first mandlebrot-grid))
img (BufferedImage. width height BufferedImage/TYPE_INT_RGB)
^java.awt.Graphics2D g (.getGraphics img)]
(doseq [[y row] (map-indexed vector mandlebrot-grid)
[x escape-iter] (map-indexed vector row)]
(.setColor g (if (neg? escape-iter)
(palette 0)
(palette (mod (dec (count palette)) (inc escape-iter)))))
(.drawRect g x y 1 1))
(.dispose g)
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