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The official repository of sample projects and example code featured in Clojure Programming.

Please note that this repo is in flux. We have moved all of the code from the book and the sample projects over from O'Reilly's repository. The REPL interaction files for each chapter might come in handy if you are working from the print book, but still want to copy/paste code into a REPL; the projects from each chapter are self-contained examples highlighting different aspects of working with Clojure in different domains.

You can take a look at the issues on this repo to get a sense of what's left to be done. If you see any problems, by all means submit a new issue.

Of course, please feel free to watch this repo, follow @ClojureBook on Twitter, or subscribe to the book's mailing list on to be notified when significant changes and improvements happen here.


Copyright © 2012 Chas Emerick, Brian Carper, and Christophe Grand.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License (see included epl-v10.html), the same as Clojure.


Example projects and sample code featured in Clojure Programming (1st ed.) from O'Reilly



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