OAuth2 Workflow for Friend (https://github.com/cemerick/friend)
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OAuth2 workflow for Clojure/Ring friend framework


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Current version on clojars:

[clojusc/friend-oauth2 "0.2.0"]


friend-oauth2 is an OAuth2 (site, RFC) workflow for Friend. Working examples have been implemented for app.net's OAuth2, Facebook's server-side authentication, and Github's OAuth2.

New Maintainer!

Where is Dave Della Costa's version? It's here! The clojusc org is the new maintainer for friend-oauth2. However, there is more to that answer, if you are asking about versions of releases:

0.1.3 & 0.1.3-transitional

What's more, the Clojuse 0.1.3 release of friend-oauth2 is exactly the same as Dave's 0.1.3 release, with the exception that the group ID has been changed to clojusc. All the code, all of the deps, etc., are exactly the same. This is tagged in Github as 0.1.3-transitional. This is provided as a convenience to developers that wish to switch to the new, supported org for friend-oauth2, but don't want to take on any burdens of upgrade maintenance at this time.


This release integrates the wiki documentation, the Codox docs, the README, and the examples from the previously separate friend-oauth2-examples repo.


Published friend-oauth2 documentation:

Other versions are also available there (see the "Other Versions" topic).

In addition to generated documentation, the docs at that link also include usage, configuration, and testing instructions, among other topics.


Copyright © 2012-2016, Dave Della Costa

Copyright © 2016, Clojure-Aided Enrichment Center

Distributed under the MIT License (http://dd.mit-license.org/)