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MacOSXVirtualSerialPort Added features from original wiki Mar 8, 2014

#Clokey public repo

This is the repository containing all of the code that I consider to be open source and free to use.

Attribution would be nice, but not required. Where I have used code from other projects, I have left the copyright as is, for cross reference


A minimal Swift iOS 8.2 project containing an IBDesignable and IBInspectable view that draws an Arc.

##Alfred Workflows

A set of alfred 2 workflows for toggling the state of behaviour when the fn key is pressed.


A Mac OS X 10.7 only application, that wraps the socat commandline tool, and creates a virtual serial port pair, useful for testing embedded device code without having the device present.


A python script to interact with twitter and a Digi international ConnectPort X4 to report indoor and outdoor temperatures.

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