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An Unofficial API wrapper for Node.js.
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A API wrapper for Node.js. See the API documentation at


npm install --save


npm install
mocha test

Get an API key from your settings page:

var Closeio = require('');

var closeio = new Closeio("YOUR_API_KEY_HERE");

closeio.lead.create({name: "Spider Man"})
  return closeio.lead.update(, {name: "Peter Parker"});
  return closeio.lead.delete(;
  return{name:"Bruce Wayne"});
}).then(function(search_results){}, function(err){
  console.log("There has been an error.");

Searching for Leads

The method accepts either a string or a dictionary of search keywords as valid parameters.

To use a string to specify your search query, pass a query parameter to the method:{query: 'name:"Bruce Wayne"'})

To use a dictionary of search keywords to specify your search query, structure your parameters as follows:{name: "Bruce Wayne", email_address: ''})

Note: The query parameter will override any other search keywords present in your dictionary.

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