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IBM Cloud Automation

A collection of Terraform, Ansible and Blueprint automation examples for IBM Cloud

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  1. Automation to provision a multi-tier IBM Cloud VPC infrastructure with a bastion host, front-end & back-end servers; with secure remote SSH access.

    HCL 7 30

  2. Provision of a Red Hat Openshift cluster on Classic infrastructure for a development team with IBM Cloud Operation, Red Hat CodeReady.

    HCL 5 12

  3. Automation to onboard the terraform templates from a Git repo to the IBM Cloud Catalog

    Python 4 10

  4. fs2020 Public

    Demo lab for Fast Start 2020 conference

    HCL 3 45

  5. LAMP Public

    Provision a classic virtual server instance by using a full-stack LAMP environment on a virtual machine.

    HCL 2 21

  6. Use Terraform to deploy AWX on IBM Cloud VPC

    HCL 2 7



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