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IRC:#orbment @ freenode

Orbment is modular compositor for Wayland with flexible plugin architecture where plugins may co-operate with each other. The core consist of small code base which provide plugin management, and hooks api for plugins. Core plugins are used to provide functionality you would expect from bare bones tiling window manager.


Basic information about what you can currently do in orbment.

--log FILE Logs output to specified FILE.

See wlc documentation for wlc specific options.


Note that these keybinds are temporary until configuration is added.

mod-return Opens a terminal emulator.
mod-p Opens bemenu-run.
mod-w Rotates through available layouts.
mod-l Rotates focus through outputs.
mod-j, k Rotates focus through clients.
mod-f Toggles fullscreen.
mod-[1..n] Activate space.
mod-F1..F10 Moves focused client to corresponding space.
mod-z, x, c Moves focused client to output 1, 2 and 3 respectively.
mod-h Cycles clients.
mod-q Closes focused client.
mod-i, o Shifts the cut of the nmaster layout to shrink or expand the view.
mod-s Takes a screenshot in PNG format.
mod-esc Quits orbment.


You can set your preferred keyboard layout using XKB_DEFAULT_LAYOUT.



If you have logind, you can just run orbment normally.

Without logind you need to suid the orbment binary to root user. The permissions will be dropped runtime.


See wlc documentation for dependencies.

You can build bootstrapped version of orbment which also includes wlc with the following steps.

git submodule update --init --recursive              # - initialize and fetch submodules
mkdir target && cd target                            # - create build target directory
cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Upstream -DSOURCE_WLC=ON .. # - run CMake
make                                                 # - compile

# You can now run

If built in Debug mode, ./plugins is added to plugin search paths, and you can run orbment straight from the build directory and it will find the core plugins. This is useful for testing development version, bootstrapping or developing plugins.


For now you can look at the AUR recipe for a example.


See the CONTRIBUTING for more information.


  • Velox - Tiling wayland compositor based on swc
  • Waysome - Scriptable wayland compositor
  • sway - i3-compatible window manager for Wayland