A Kubernetes ingress controller for Cloudflare's Argo Tunnels
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Argo Tunnel Ingress Controller


Argo Tunnel Ingress Controller provides Kubernetes Ingress via Argo Tunnels. The controller establishes or destroys tunnels by monitoring changes to resources.

Argo Tunnel offers an easy way to expose web servers securely to the internet, without opening up firewall ports and configuring ACLs. Argo Tunnel also ensures requests route through Cloudflare before reaching the web server so you can be sure attack traffic is stopped with Cloudflare’s WAF and Unmetered DDoS mitigation and authenticated with Access if you’ve enabled those features for your account.


kubectl apply -f deploy/argo-tunnel.yaml

Update the ServiceAccount namespace and bindings to deploy in an alternate namespace.

Without role based access control (RBAC).

kubectl apply -f deploy/argo-tunnel-no-rbac.yaml

With Helm.

helm install --name anydomain cloudflare/argo-tunnel

Note: replicas >1 requires load-balancers

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