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🤠 wrangle your cloudflare workers
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🤠 wrangler

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🎙️ Commands

wrangler is a CLI tool designed for folks who are interested in using Rust-generated WebAssembly on Cloudflare Workers. This tool gives you the following commands:

  • 👯 generate

    Scaffold a project, including boilerplate for a Rust library and a Cloudflare Worker. You can pass a name and template to this command optionally.

    wrangler generate <name> <template>

    It will default to the name wasm-worker and the rustwasm-worker-template.

  • 🦀⚙️ build

    Build your project using wasm-pack.

  • 🔬 preview

    Preview your project using the API.

  • ☁️ 🆙 publish

    Publish your Worker and WebAssembly to Cloudflare. This uses the account_id and zone_id from the wrangler.toml.

  • 🔧 config

    Configure your global Cloudflare user. You will need to pass your email and API key:

    wrangler config <email> <api_key>

🔩 Configuration

There are two types of configuration that wrangler uses: global user and per project.

  • Global User

    In Cloudflare's system, you have a User that can have multiple Accounts and Zones. As a result, your User is configured globally on your machine. Your Account(s) and Zone(s) will be configured per project, but will use your User credentials to authenticate all API calls. This config file is created in a .wrangler directory in your computer's home directory.

    To set up wrangler to work with your Cloudflare user, use the following commands:

    • 🔧 config: an interactive command that asks you to pass your email and api key. Alternatively, you can use the flags --email and --api-key to the command to skip the interactive part.
    • 🕵️‍♀️ whoami: run this command to confirm that your configuration is appropriately set up. When successful, this command will print out your user information, including the type of plan you are currently on.
  • Per Project

    Your project will need to have several things configured before you can publish your worker. These values are stored in a wrangler.toml file that wrangler generate will make for you. You will need to manually edit this file to add these values before you can publish.

    • name: This is the name of your project. It will be the name of your script.
    • zone_id: This is the ID of the "zone" or domain you want to run your script on.
    • account_id: This is the ID of the account associated with your zone. You might have more than one account, so make sure to use the ID of the account associated with the zone_id you provide.
    • route: This is the route you'd like to use your worker on. You need to include the hostname. Examples:
      • **

    Cloudflare templates automatically add the wrangler.toml file to .gitignore.


⚓ Installation

  1. Install cargo:

    Wrangler is installed through Cargo, a Rust package manager. Rustup, a tool for installing Rust, will also install Cargo. On Linux and macOS systems, rustup can be installed as follows:

    curl -sSf | sh

    Additional installation methods are available here.

  2. Install wrangler:

    cargo install wrangler
  3. Troubleshooting OpenSSL errors

    If you are on a Mac, you might encounter an OpenSSL error when attempting to generate a project. You can resolve that issue by installing OpenSSL v1.1 through Homebrew (need to install Homebrew? Instructions available here).

    $ brew install openssl@1.1

⚡ Quick Start

  1. Generate a new project:

    wrangler generate
  2. Move into the new project directory:

    cd wasm-worker
  3. Build your project:

    wrangler build
  4. Preview your project:

    wrangler preview
  5. (optional) Configure with your Cloudflare account:

    wrangler config <email> <api_key>

    Configuring your account is required to use the publish step, which will push your Worker live to the Cloudflare edge. If you don't configure, you can still use wrangler to generate, build, and preview a Worker.

  6. Check your configuration:

    wrangler whoami
  7. Publish your project:

    wrangler publish
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