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A BOSH release for bosh-photon-cpi written in Go.

Example setup

Install the BOSH CLI

Install the BOSH CLI tool.

Install the bosh-init CLI

Install the bosh-init tool.

Create a new development BOSH release

  1. Make local changes to the release

  2. Create a dev release, (--force is required if there are local changes not committed to git)

    bosh create release --force --with-tarball

Create a deployment manifest

Create a photon-bosh.yml deployment manifest file. See deployment manifest for an example manifest. Update it with your properties. See for cloud properties description.


Using the previously created deployment manifest, now we can deploy it:

$ bosh-init deploy photon-bosh.yml

Then target your deployed BOSH director. Your default username is admin and password is admin.

$ bosh target <YOUR BOSH IP ADDRESS>
$ bosh status

Running unit tests

  1. Set your GOPATH to "bosh-photon-cpi-release" folder

  2. Run BOSH Unit Tests via src/

Running BATS

  1. Follow instructions above to install the release to your BOSH director

  2. Clone BOSH repository into $HOME/workspace/bosh to get BATS source code

  3. Download vSphere ubuntu stemcell 3184.1 version to $HOME/Downloads/ from BOSH Artifacts

  4. Set all variables required in spec/ Run BOSH Acceptance Tests via spec/