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Cloud Foundry Lattice

Lattice was a Cloud Foundry project focused on delivering the Diego application scheduler into the hands of users as quickly as possible before Diego was fully integrated to Cloud Foundry. Lattice served that purpose well, but now Diego is available as the application scheduler for Cloud Foundry, and Cloud Foundry is the best way to use Diego. Therefore, Lattice is no longer actively maintained.

Lattice is an open source project for running containerized workloads on a cluster. Lattice bundles up http load-balancing, a cluster scheduler, log aggregation/streaming and health management into an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use package.

[ Website | Latest Release | Nightly Builds ]

Deploy Lattice with Vagrant

A colocated deployment of Lattice can be launched locally with Vagrant. You will need:

NOTE: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS does not install a compatible version of Vagrant by default. You can upgrade the version that you get out of the box by downloading the .deb file from Vagrant.

Spin up a virtual environment

Unzip the Lattice bundle, and switch to the vagrant directory

cd lattice-bundle-VERSION/vagrant
vagrant up --provider virtualbox

This spins up a virtual environment that is accessible at

Install ltc (the Lattice CLI)

If you're running Linux: curl -O

If you're running OS X: curl -O

Finally: chmod +x ltc

Use the Lattice CLI to target Lattice
./ltc target

Deploy Lattice with Terraform

A scalable cluster deployment of Lattice can be launched on Amazon Web Services with Terraform. You will need:

Configure your virtual environment

Unzip the Lattice bundle, and switch to the terraform/aws directory

cd lattice-bundle-VERSION/terraform/aws

Update the terraform.tfvars file with your AWS credentials and desired cluster configuration.

Deploy the cluster to AWS
terraform apply

Terraform will generate a terraform.tfstate file. This file describes the cluster that was built - keep it around in order to modify/tear down the cluster.

Install ltc (the Lattice CLI)

After a successful deployment Terraform will print the Lattice target and Lattice user information. Refer to the target = <lattice target> output line to find the address of your cluster.

If you're running Linux: curl -O http://receptor.<lattice target>/v1/sync/linux/ltc

If you're running OS X: curl -O http://receptor.<lattice target>/v1/sync/osx/ltc

Finally: chmod +x ltc

Use the Lattice CLI to target Lattice
./ltc target <lattice target>


NOTE: These instructions are for people contributing code to Lattice. If you only want to deploy Lattice, see above. These instructions cover Vagrant/Virtualbox development. A similar process can be followed for Vagrant/VMWare, Vagrant/AWS, and Terraform/AWS development. More documentation is forthcoming.

To develop Lattice you will need to have the following tools installed:

  • Packer
  • Vagrant
  • Virtualbox
  • Direnv (optional)

Clone the Lattice source

git clone --recursive

Build Lattice

Setup your shell for building Lattice:

cd lattice-release
direnv allow # or: source .envrc

Building a Lattice Box

If you change any Diego components, you'll need to build a local Vagrant box with your changes. If you don't plan to change any Diego components, you can update the box_version property in vagrant/Vagrantfile to point to a pre-built Lattice box on Atlas and skip this step.

cd vagrant
./build -only=virtualbox-iso
vagrant box add --force --name lattice/colocated

Building a release of Lattice

# in lattice-release/vagrant
../release/build lattice.tgz

Deploy Lattice

Once you have a Lattice tarball, use vagrant to deploy Lattice:

# in lattice-release/vagrant
vagrant up --provider=virtualbox

Install ltc

Compiling ltc is as simple as using go install:

go install

Test the running Lattice Cluster

ltc target
ltc test -v


If you are interested in contributing to Lattice, please refer to CONTRIBUTING.


See LICENSE for details. Copyright (c) 2015 Pivotal Software, Inc.