A java version of mysql broker for cloudfoundry.
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A java version of mysql broker for cloudfoundry. It is ported from cf-mysql-broker.

How To Build and Run

To build the project

./gradlew build

The build command creates jar file with embedded tomcat container.

java -jar build/libs/cf-mysql-java-broker-0.1.0.jar


By default,

  • the tomcat server is listening at port 9000
  • requires local mysql server root user password must be root

The configuration can be changed by modifying the file under resources\application.yml


Routes Method Description
/v2/catalog GET Service and its plan details by this broker
/v2/service_instances/:id PUT create a dedicated database for this service
/v2/service_instances/:id DELETE delete previously created database for this service
/v2/service_instances/:id/service_bindings/:id PUT create user and grant privilege for the database associated with service.
/v2/service_instances/:id/service_bindings/:id DELETE delete the user created previously for this binding.