CredHub CLI provides a command line interface to interact with CredHub servers
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CredHub GoDoc

CredHub manages credentials like passwords, certificates, certificate authorities, ssh keys, rsa keys and arbitrary values (strings and JSON blobs). CredHub provides a CLI and API to get, set, generate and securely store such credentials.

See additional repos for more info:

Installing the CLI

MacOS X with Homebrew

  brew install cloudfoundry/tap/credhub-cli

Linux and Windows

Download and install the desired release from the release page.

Building the CLI:

make (first time only to get dependencies, will also run specs)

make build

Go Client

This repository contains a Go client library that can be used independently of the CredHub CLI. Documentation for this library can be found here.


CredHub CLI can be used to manage credentials stored in a CredHub server. You must first target the CredHub server using the api command. Once targeted, you must login with either user or client credentials. Future commands will be sent to the targeted server. For additional information on how to perform CLI operations, you may review the examples shown here or review the help menus with the commands credhub --help and credhub <command> --help.

Debug Mode:

To see the API calls made by each CLI command, export CREDHUB_DEBUG=true.