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Docker deployed by BOSH

If you're already working with Docker images then BOSH is a great way to put them into production. Deploy a complete system on Day 1 and have confidence with Day 2 operational support: resurrection of missing servers, resize host machines, resize disks, update host servers with CVE patches, and much more.

This BOSH release can help. See an example below of a host machine running several Docker containers, all backed by a persistent disk. Also see how to add a bosh.yml deployment file to your Dockerfile repository to make life easy for your users.

It can also be used to dynamically provision Docker containers running databases and message buses with an API that is Open Service Broker API compatible. See the cf-containers-broker-boshrelease for more information.

Finally, you can deploy & manage a cluster of Docker Swarm nodes.

Related links:

Static set of containers on a VM

Run a static set of Docker containers, backed by a persistent disk:


See manifests/ for deployment instructions.

Pair your Dockerfile with a bosh-service.yml

Make it super easy for your users to deploy your Docker image upon BOSH by including a bosh-service.yml file in the same repo.

Known repos that include a BOSH manifest:

For example:

git clone
cd docker-redis
bosh2 deploy bosh-redis.yml --vars-store creds.yml

Docker Swarm

Deploy and manage a cluster of Docker Swarm.

See manifests/ for deployment instructions.