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Eirini CI

CI Resources for eirini-release. The pipeline is deployed at GCP.


  • Access to private repo, which contains environment specific vars
  • Install Aviator (used to merge pipeline YAML files)
  • Clone eirini-private-config
  • Make sure you have pass configured (see eirini-private-config)

The pipelines are organized in separate directories with individual set-pipeline scripts:

$ pipelines/<pipeline-name>/set-pipeline certificates

The certificates for the website are generated using letsencrypt and cert-manager via the dns01 challenge. To do this the pipeline requires several things to be set up:

  1. The dns provider for the domain should point to the GCP dns servers and a corresponding entry should be created in GCP.
  2. In GCS's CloudDNS console, the domain should point to the external IP of the Istio Gateway.
  3. The Issuer should be configured to generate with the ACME challenge with a GCP service account that has permissions to create and delete CloudDNS entries. Additionaly a Certificate should be created for the domain using this Issuer.
  4. The certificate should be present in the namespace where the Istio Gateway is deployed (in cf-for-k8s that's istio-system). Since that namespace is managed by cf-for-k8s, it will be deleted when doing a kapp delete, which will also delete the certificates. Since letsencrypt has an API limit of 5 per week for a single domain, the certificates must be generated in a separate namespace and copied over to a secret in istio-system.
  5. A server must be configured in the Istio Gateway that has the host and uses the copied secret in istio-system.
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