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Eirini CI

CI Resources for eirini-release


There are two ways to access our Concourse server:

  1. GitHub OAuth

To be able to login via Github you will need to be member of the cf-cube-ci/cube team.

  1. LastPass
  • LastPass account,
  • install the LastPass CLI, and
  • contact the cube development team to share the login with you.

After you got all these things, run the following to login via fly:

fly -t <alias> login \
  -c \
  -u <user-name> \
  -p $(lpass show "<key-name>" --password) \
  --team-name <team-name>



  • Access to private repo, which contains environment specific vars
  • Install Aviator (used to merge pipeline YAML files)
  • Clone the following repositories to your local workstation:
  • Make sure you have pass configured (see eirini-private-config)

Set the CI Pipeline

Execute the following script:

$ ./pipelines/ci/set-pipeline <CONCOURSE_TARGET> <PATH_TO_PRIVATE_REPO>

Set the Acceptance Pipeline

Execute the following script:

$ ./pipelines/acceptance/set-pipeline <CONCOURSE_TARGET> <PATH_TO_PRIVATE_REPO>